Lada Obradovic Project (2018)
The Portrait Of A Pregnant Bumblebee


Lada Obradovic Project -  “The Portrait Of A Pregnant Bumblebee”


Maxime Berton (FR) - soprano/tenor saxophones
Matthias Legner (AT) - vibraphone/marimba
David Tixier (FR) - piano
Miha Koren (SLO) - double/electric bass
Lada Obradović (CRO) - drums


All compositions by Lada Obradović

Recorded in December 2017 at Hardstudios, Winterthur, Switzerland by Andy Neresheimer

Release in June 2018 on Neuklang

Coproduction with Radio SRF, 2 Kultur

Executive producer for Radio SRF 2 Kultur, Peter Bürli

Sponsored by Fondations “Die Mobiliar” and “ABPI”

Edited, mixed and mastered by Ziv Ravitz

Artwork by Tihana Hrastar & Marina Mijatović

Partners: “Trx Cymbals” and “Bay Cusom Drums”





David Tixier Trio feat. Mike Moreno & Sachal Vasandani (2018)
Universal Citizen


David Tixier Trio feat. Mike Moreno & Sachal Vasandani

1. Far From The World feat. Mike Moreno
2. Tokyo
3. Lost Among Ghosts feat. Mike Moreno
4. Tribute To An Old Man feat. Sachal Vasandani
5. Arising Twilight
6. The Fall
7. Nothing's real feat. Sachal Vasandani
8. The Wayward Hero feat. Mike Moreno
9. Universal Citizen

David Tixier (FR) - piano,  compositions
Rafael Jerjen (CH) - double bass 
Lada Obradovic (CRO) - drums
Mike Moreno (USA) - guitar
Sachal Vasandani (USA) - voice

Recorded at The Bunker Studio, NYC by John Davis, November 2017
Assistant engineering by Nolan Thies & Neal Shaw
Edited, mixed and mastered by Ziv Ravitz
Artwork by Tihana Hrastar & Katarina Matkovic

All compositions written by David Tixier





Obradovic-Tixier Duo (2017)
EP 2017


Obradovic-Tixier Duo 
EP 2017

1. Thoughtless Gift (Lada Obradovic)
2. Last Flight Over Horizon (Lada Obradovic)
3. Regret (Lada Obradovic)
4. Broken Watch (David Tixier)
5. Only This And Nothing More (Lada Obradovic)

David Tixier (FR) - piano, rhodes, keyboard, DSP, voice, compositions
Lada Obradovic (CRO) - drums, keyboard, DSP, voice, toys, compositions 

Recorded at Fondation l'Abri; Geneva , Switzerland
October 2017
Recorded by David Weber (except track 5 - Josephine Nagorsnik at HKB, Bern, Switzerland)
Mixed and mastered by Pippo Corvino at Burrow Studio
Design by BLOK4

Thanks to the Fondation l'Abri and the whole team!


Price: 15€





David Tixier Trio (2017)
EP 2017


David Tixier Trio - Live AT RTS
EP 2017

1. Why?
2. Acidal
3. Substantial Existence
4. Délivrance

David Tixier (FR) - piano
Blaise Hommage (FR) - double bass 
Lada Obradovic (CRO) - drums 

All compositions by David Tixier
Recorded at RTS, Lausanne, Switzerland
June 2016
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thierry Galeuchet
Design by BLOK4


Price: 15€




Lada Obradovic Project (2017)
EP 2017


Lada Obradovic Project - EP 2017

1. Scream
2. Million Dollar Smile
3. Kids Of Glue
4. Lying Stone

Valentin Conus (CH) - soprano /tenor saxophone
Jean-Lou Treboux (CH) - vibraphone /marimba
David Tixier (FR) - piano
Blaise Hommage (FR) - double bass 
Lada Obradovic (CRO) - drums /glockenspiel /wah-wah tubes /percussions /loops

Price: 15€


Chocolate Disaster - Maiden Voyage (2011)


Maiden Voyage – Chocolate Disaster (2011)

1.    Speak Low
2.    On A Clear Day
3.    1974.
4.    Maiden Voyage
5.    What Is This Thing Called Love?
6.    Someday My Prince Will Come
7.    Nothing Personal

Anna Keller – Alto Sax
Anna Doblhofer – Piano
Leonore Hollauf – Double Bass
Lada Obradović - Drums

Recorded by Tobias Feld and Ulrich Katzenberger at KUG studio, Graz, Austria, May 2011

Sky Over Grožnjan (2009)
The Future Of Croatian Jazz


Sky Over Grožnjan - The Future Of Croatian Jazz
Label: Croatia Records - CD 5874706
Format: CD, Compilation 
Country: Croatia

Released: 2009.
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Latin, Blues
Recorded at: Studio Gelo, Zagreb, Croatia
Credits: Producer – Ante Gelo, Boško Petrović
Notes: Live at B.P. Club, Zagreb, Croatia; October, 25., 2009

Tracklist (Various Artists)
1.  Matej Ocvirk – Night And Day
2.  Matija Miletić, Filip Gregović, Adriano Lampalov, Orjen Riđanović – Mediterranean Sundance
3.  Sandi Čakalo, Tea Tidić, Lada Obradovic – Everyday I Have The Blues
4. Matic Črešnik, Vid Jamnik,Šimun Matišić, Dina Rizvić – Sky Over Grožnjan
5.  Matic Črešnik, Vid Jamnik,Šimun Matišić, Dina Rizvić – Prelude No. 2
6.  Matic Črešnik, Vid Jamnik,Šimun Matišić, Dina Rizvić – Summernights
7.  Dina Rizvić, Goran Rukavina, Lada Obradović – Straight, No Chaser
8. Matija Miletić, Tea Tidić, Dina Rizvić, Adriano Lampalov, Lada Obradović – Black Magic Woman